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As long as I can remember, photography has been with me. As a small child, I was fascinated with my dad's twin-lens reflex camera. I played photographer with it long before I knew film was an integral part. I probably finished off or ruined several rolls of 120 film by accident. Oops! Sorry, dad ;-(

College courses in photography & darkroom became more than a diversion to required studies. I ended up supervising one of those photography classes after the teacher suddenly quit mid semester! I received an A for the effort, thankfully, and a deeper understanding of the process. I had found a new hobby and an outlet for personal expression that would last a lifetime.

A 30 year retail career didn't allow much time behind the lens, but in 2001, semi-retirement allowed me to once again advance that passion. I am located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

I mostly shoot for myself, but if you find something interesting in these galleries, many are available for sale. Watermarking is not applied to purchased photos. Enjoy!

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